I’m IN!

“There comes a moment when you need to throw caution to the wind.
There comes a moment when you need to go all in!
There comes a moment when you need to burn the ships.
This IS that moment, this is YOUR moment.
It’s all or nothing. It’s now or never.”
-Mark Batterson

A Letter From Pastor Tom

I’m All IN! for Jesus Christ and Grace Point Fellowship!

I’m in for the things that matter most, the things of God’s Kingdom that are eternal and bring fulfillment, purpose and direction for my life. I’m in for the long haul. Like Paul, I want to be able to say when I come to the end of my life that I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful. I’m in to leave a legacy of commitment, faithfulness, and sacrifice to the Kingdom of God that will inspire and encourage those that follow after me. I’m all in with my time, my talents, and my treasures and I am praying and asking you to be all in with me.

Grace Point is such a remarkable story of God’s grace and power. Less than three years ago we began this journey of faith. Consider with me what God has done in this short period of time. The number of people attending Grace Point has tripled from just over two years ago. Over 1500 people call Grace Point home and we are privileged to see new faces and families every week. Our children’s ministry has grown 500% over the last year. Our student ministry is growing and developing. Men’s and women’s ministries are healthy, growing and vibrant. New support ministries are being started as people are being moved by the Holy Spirit to share their time and talents to serve others. Hundreds of volunteers sacrificially give of their time and energy every day. Grace Point is a very exciting place to be!


  • Did you know, that the Medford Food Project has relocated their offices to Grace Point as they continue to collect and distribute food to those in need?
  • Did you know, that ROC Recovery Center counsels people here every week who are struggling with addictions in their lives?
  • Did you know, that Knox Classical Christian Academy is relocating their school to meet here starting in
    September of this year?
  • Did you know, that Southern Oregon Foster Care has its clothing distribution center here?
  • Did you know, that the Children’s Miracle Network stores items here for their annual fundraising event?

And more is coming…

  • We are working with a new start up 501c ministry that is dedicated to providing support, encouragement and fellowship for our senior community.
  • We have a vision for opening up a coffee house/café that will serve breakfast and lunch
    during the week and provide a gathering place for the community.

Grace Point is not just a place where we do ‘church’. Grace Point is a community of people that has a vision for helping Southern Oregon experience what the selfless love of God feels like as we labor to meet the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of others.

It’s time to go all in. And it’s time to shout “I’m IN! at Grace Point Fellowship. Now is the time!

For His Glory,

Pastor Tom

About “I’m IN!”

When God revealed His plan to our leadership team around the purchase of our new property, He also made it clear that this was a very special milestone for our church. A time of celebration and inspiration.

To bring the plan to you we created artwork representing the concept of being “ALL IN!” We feel there is nothing more honest, inspiring, or contagious as the precious souls of children. This photo represented to us the completeness of being 100% ALL IN!  We wanted to share with you the heart behind the art in hopes that you too will be motivated by child-like faith to be ALL IN with us!